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Telecom Data Warehouse

Successful analysis of operating data is key when making strategic decisions in the telecommunications market. Combining operational data from multiple systems for reporting purposes can present monumental technical hurdles.

Celeritas builds data warehouse systems that combine operational data from 3rd party telecom billing systems and homegrown legacy ILEC-CLEC billing and revenue systems. Reporting functionality is provided via ad-hoc or scheduled mechanisms.

In order to develop a robust and flexible data warehouse system, Celeritas incorporates the following activities into its data projects:

  • Detailed data requirements gathering
  • Security analysis
  • Architecture design, analysis & review
  • Industry knowledgeable logical database design
  • Industry knowledgeable physical database design
  • Construction of data warehouse & reports
  • Construction of Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) processes
  • Testing of ETL & reporting processes
  • Production implementation of system
Celeritas telecom data warehouse solutions incorporate systems and technology from the following areas:

  • Oracle Database Systems
  • Oracle Designer
  • Oracle Reports
  • Oracle Transparent Gateway for AS/400 Data Extraction
  • Saville Systems Convergent Billing Platform (CBP)
  • Dynamic HTML
  • NetScape Web Server
  • MacroMedia ColdFusion

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