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Telecom Monitoring, Provisioning and Reporting Applications

AMPS™ (Automated Monitoring & Provisioning) is a sophisticated and flexible web-based tool that provides the capability to auto provision telecommunications equipment and to quickly and easily perform critical monitoring and reporting functions that support the provisioning process.

The AMPS™ tool was designed to improve customer care, quickly and easily produce reconciliation reports for improved decision support, centralize alarm monitoring and make the provisioning process easier to manage

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The basic components of AMPS™ include:
  • Automated Equipment Monitoring
  • Automated Service Activation/Provisioning
  • Service Reconciliation Reporting
  • Decision Support Reporting

AMPS™ allows for accurate provisioning of telecommunications equipment (switch, HDT, voicemail, etc.) without time consuming and costly manual data entry. Engineers have the ability to track and monitor telecommunications equipment alarms in a centralized location without the need to run commands at the equipment level. Additional features include:

  • NID, Phone Number, Address, CRV/LEN are entered exactly as in your billing system
  • Automated Provisioning occurs in seconds
  • Table Driven - offers the ability to implement new features or new equipment quickly
  • Cross-reference reporting - quickly and easily compares what is configured on telecommunications equipment to the billing system
  • Proactively monitor equipment/system (switch, HDT, voicemail, etc.) alarms and log these for audit trail purposes as well as historical review

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